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Hi All,
Here is the interesting thing I faced recently - when WF Studio executes ‘Open Website’ it opens a brand new browser window using a different set of setting/preferences comparing to my default browser settings.
For instance, I have English set as the default language everywhere in Chrome, but when playing a recording in WF Studio, Chrome is launched with the language set to Polish (which is my current location). Attaching the snapshot with an example below.

I tried to adjust these settings multiple times and different ways but never succeeded as at the end of the day WF Studio always launches the browser using its own settings :slight_smile: And that ruins
Does anyone know how to avoid this?

p.s.: the topic is similar to this one but, but no solution had been actually identified there

Hi, @DenisB please try this solution

Hi Igor, thanks for responding.
Do you mean that the below solution should work if executed by a bot through the Business Process, but it won’t work if launched using recorder? Correct?


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Hi @DenisB,

Yes there is no feature in recorder or commands to set the default settings of chrome browser.

The code which was given above as solution will work in Business Process and that was coded using Bot Task in WorkFusion Studio.

Have a great day :slight_smile:


Thanks for confirming Aravindhan! :slight_smile: