Web browsers not working on 2.1.1

I build my code on RPA 2.0.5 using my laptop and my internet explorer was working fine, now i am trying to move my code to a desktop RPA 2.1.1 the problem that i am facing is my internet explorer opens but i cannot click on anything because it returns the error unable to find element on a closed window, when i try to maximise the webpage i just opened i get error 'no such window exception: error retrieving window when i try to switch to web page i just opened i get IllegalStateException: Failed switch to browser. It might be closed in preceding actions.

my firefox does not open any webpage whe the bot is running it, all browsers work fine when used by humans

kindly assist

windows 10 internet explorer version 11.666.16299.0

Hi @charles_tema do you open IE using Open website action? Could you please share your recording or screenshots of it.

Could you please also share the details of IE and Firefox browsers?


every mouse click is an Xpath, on IE it fails on maximize and even when i remove maximize it fails on the first mouse click reason being window is closed and on Firefox it fails on open website. but the whole code is working perfectly on the laptop

@charles_tema try updating the Firefox driver to make it compatible with the latest driver.

As for the Internet Explorer issue, could you please copy the whole text of the error and share here. We’ll take a closer look.

@charles_tema did updating Firefox help to solve this issue?