Web Element Error

I am having trouble getting a url from a src tag. I am using the xpath to an image in a lightbox, it is not able to find it. There is even an action to activate the lightbox yet it doesn’t work. I searched all over the internet and wasted 3 hours of my life. Please help. The link can be used as : link

I need only the link of the image to be saved to a string variable.

Hi @corisr if you look for the URL in the Dev tools, it can be found in the element below, so you can use its Xpath: //div[@class='image-zoom']/img

it is not working as well. Same error. Web element doesn’t work.

I also tried adding the xpath you gave but ends in the same error.

I really wanted this bot to work.

It seems that you don’t have any URL in the Open Website action.
Can you share your recording here?

As I understand, you get the URLs you need to open from the Excel file and open them in a loop.

In this case, you will need to use ${element} in the Open Website action.

Also, you need to use attribute “src” to save the link to the image.

I’ll try that

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Thanks! It worked!

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