Web element in DOM with flyout menu not found


I am trying to automate a few actions on the BMC Remedy application. The web application has many flyout menus using javascript. Many of these elements are not accessible using web element in RPA Express. I have taken the XPATH using copy XPATH option and tried in all - IE, Chrome and FireFox browsers. When I view source of the page, those elements are not present, they are present only when I inspect the element. So the DOM is created dynamically using javascript. My query is - does RPA express work with such dynamic DOM properly?

I am using Lumen release on Windows 10.

Hi @amitkNFoKUAPQq,

If you use absolute Xpaths copied from DevTools they might not work with dynamic DOM as they change during run-time.

Try replacing them with relative XPaths or with clicks on Text.

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