Web Element Issues


I can’t pick web element in work fusion RPA without open a web browser action.
Here is my code
click chrome icon -> enter URL ->
I need Web element Action on this URL.


You can use WebElement within Browser from Web Actions as described in RPA Express KB

Let us know if that helps.


I have the same issue too. The solution works fine if you are opening the website using library “Open website” --> chrome/firefox portable. If you open the site using chrome browser it is not supported.


Please let us know, if you select an element by XPath or in another way.


I am using RPA express 1.1.1 beta and i can’t use “Web Element” library alone until and unless i use it under “open website” library. So for me it is not possible to use XPath either.


That is correct @aswinkumar_sath, you must use “Open Website” in order to work with “Web Element” or xpath-based actions. That’s how RPA works and this is the same behavior even in the latest versions of WorkFusion.


Thanks @haider_raza


Thanks, was wondering myself while going through training materials. “Variables and Loops” (in KB and on AutomationAcademy) video clearly shows a WebElement action being used without OpenWebsite. Not possible to do in 1.1.3.

It’s a shame though, as it would be useful to be able to use it regardless of container action (which judging by the video was possible before).
@amashentsev - any chance the videos will get updated (or annotated at least)?


Hi @andrzej_kniola - we have updated training videos here: https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/Training+Videos. We will also be updating the videos on automation academy shortly.