Web scraping in flipkart

Hii all, I want to scrape the data from the flipkart website. I dont no how to scrape the data from website, help.

I am new to workfusion, I need to automate the flipkart process, But i dont know how to extract all the data in every page could any one guide me regarding this.

@soumiya @Buvaneshwaran provide more details about your process: what exactly do you need to do on the webpage and whar data do you need to extract?

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Thanks for your reply…
My task is to search for any product for example iPhone in filpkart website and extract all the details of all the phones.
I have just have a example site here.

from this i need to extarct the name, specification, price and offer and write it into an excel.
I am able to scrape for first data but i dont know how to put it in a loop so all the mac details from other pages too i get.