Web Table Scraping with RPA Express 1.3.0



What is the current state of web table scraping now that the portable browsers are not shipped with RPA Express 1.3.0. The portable Firefox had a Table2Clipboard plugin that came in handy, but running the latest version of Firefox Quantum, it looks like Table2Clipboard is dead. (I wish I would have saved copies of the portable browsers before I updated to 1.3.0) Are there any other plugins that people are using for scraping table data? It seems like the only options currently are to use a mouse drag to highlight the whole table, then copy to clipboard, or copy an XPath to clipboard.

Using this table as an example, what would the XPath be for the whole table (or even just individual columns? I could only get XPaths for individual cells.


Cory, I cannot open this url :slightly_frowning_face:
But try using this solution Table scraping from browser
//td[column_index] should return all cells from the column.


Thank you @ashapkina for the response! I had been trying variants of the method you linked to in your post without much success at first. What I was trying to do was get values from a table and put them into Excel, but my lists and table were coming up empty. It took some playing around with the Wait times to get it to finally work right.


Glad it worked :+1:
Just wondering, did you add wait actions to the action flow or change the Wait up to settings to make it work?


Changed the Wait up to settings.