Web table scraping


I try to find a way to get a table from a web page into a variable in my recording, but I am stuck.
I cannot find a guide/example for that.
Could anyone help me?


Hi Dimitros,
You can use xpath and save the values in a List variable. as shown in the example below.
table-xpath.zip (3.0 KB)

Or, if you have Table2Clipboard plugin installed as you wrote here, you can you use it, but only if you open Firefox through Launch Application action.


Where i can download this example again? The link is broken.

@rsrljardim thanks for letting know
I’ve updated the link.

Dear Alesia-san

Thank you for your many supports. I would like to want this example of using the Chrome.

Best regards, Shigeki Hagiwara

It will be the same in Chrome, you can just change the browser in the Open Website action.

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Dear Alesia-san

Thank you for your help. I could run this bot with Chrome.
Many thanks.
Best regards, Shigeki Hagiwara

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Thank you very much @ashapkina!

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Hi ashapkina,

I have data in table format in web. I need to pick some of the data from columns and rows of the table.
I have tried to save whole data in table variable using xpath but I am not able to do so because it can be stored only in sting variable, as table variable cannot be used to get data from web.
Please suggest me with the logic of how to do this.

Thanks in advance.

Try the script shared above

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I am using workfusion 10.1 version . I have tried to extract data from web using xpath but xpath is not working on chrome .Kindly let me know what to be followed to resolve this.

What error do you get?

no error,but the list variable is empty

Do you save the table’s rows (columns) to List variables and then combine them in a table?

Here is an example of how to scrape data from a web table https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/Table+Scraping

I have saved web table’s Column into list., but the list is empty…
I haven’t saved them in table

Check the XPath that you used in Dev Tools. It should point to all the cells that you need to save int he list.