WebDriverException: Connection refused: connect


I didn’t have the ocr-rpax.license to perform OCR, even after desinstalling and reinstalling the software. So someone at my firm copied it and gave it to me.
Now, when I try to use OCR, I get the following error :
“Caused by: org.opensa.selenium.WebDriverException : Connection refused: connect”

What does it mean ? Does it have a link with the license ?
Thank you for your answer


Hi @marion_delalan ,

Could you please tell what RPA Version and OCR license you are using and send us the screenshot of the OCR Action?
Please also post here log files from C:\RPAExpress\OCR\logs\

Best regards,
Yuliya Miadzel


Sorry it’s just that I forgot to start OCR. When I did so it told me the license is expired.
So I desinstalled and reinstalled the software again, but I still don’t have the ocr-rpax.license in Licenses/ …


Please, register here - https://www.workfusion.com/rpaexpress - and you will get a link to the latest installer