WebElement not accessible always via xpath



The xpath used to access the elements on the webpage doesn’t always works with RPAExpress.

I have tried using the xpath from both chrome and firefox. The one from chrome traverses the element referring to the ids whereas the one from firefox is absolute. I have used these alternatively when one didn’t work. But one some pages say where we have some modals, the xpath from either of the browsers will not work. I have also cross tested the xpath and they yield correct references.

Are we aware of any issues working with xpath? Let me know if you want some examples.



please post the page code and XPaths you use here.


Currently we do not support iframes. If that is your case - please, use image-based for now


page_code_html.txt (163.0 KB)

I have uploaded the page code into a file.

Here is the xpath I am using: /html/body/div[9]/div[3]/div[1]/ul/li[1]/div[1]/div[1]/div/div[3]/div[2]


There is an iframe on the page but the element I am trying to access is not inside an iframe



Please try to increase the timeout before using the Web Element action - maybe this element is not loaded by the time your bot performs this action


There is no issue with xpath.
According to one that you provided, you are trying to get
’< div class=“title” data-type=“html” data-model=“offerTitle” />'
but there is nothing in this tag

Please, try to use different xpath, here is a good example of how to get an xPath of an element