WebElement xpath harcoded?



Is it mandatory to always have hardcoded xpath?
What if I take the xpath in variable and then use that variable instead of harcoded?
is it feasible?


currently we do not support variables in XPATH filed.


Hi please see my post and vote for it out there


I am trying to work with a table on the web. I need to check/uncheck/download items from certain rows(say row 2, 4,6) based on a rule(say, alternate rows). Now to do that, I would like to dynamically modify my xpath and hence I would like to use variable when I am forming xpath. Example //table//tr[count]/td[6]. Here count stores the row number. Can we do that ?


@shruti_kirti, see the answers above


Hi azinchuk. Could you please tell me, if there is any workaround. There is a table, and I need to download pdf from alternate rows(or based on any other rule). How can I approach it using RPA Express.


please make a separate topic for that and add more description, screenshots and details.

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