Webinar: Meet the new generation of RPA Express


Hi Everyone,

Join a webinar ‘Meet the new generation of RPA Express’ tomorrow to:

  • Hear more about the new RPA Express 2.0
  • Find out who won in the Third Automation Challenge
  • Learn what challenge #4 will be about.

The webinar start at 10am EST, on Tuesday, May 22nd.

Register for the webinar on our website.

If you have any question you want covered during the webinar - feel free to post here or send us at events@workfusion.com.

RPA Express team

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I have missed the webinar. Is it possible to see the webinar video at any location?


Hi Dinesh,

Sure. Once you register for the webinar you will be redirected to the page with the webinar recording.


thank you!!!

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