Website loading error

Hello team

I have a similar problem as this post but couldn’t comment on it anymore, hence the new post.

My website loading timeout is set to 600000ms but i noticed that it actually didn’t keep trying for that long, in this case 10mins. It run into error once the website run in error such as “website unable to load” or website busy"

Is there any ways to keep trying to load? Thanks.

Hi @linny could you provide more details:

  • the url you are trying to open
  • the details of the Open website action
  • the text of the error you get

@ashapkina It was a vendor website so I can’t share it but the website error msg is as follow:

This site can’t be reached. took too long to response.

Checking the connection
Checking the proxy and firewall
Running windows network diagnostics

I wonder if it got to do with my company network or internet access?
However when I tried using another pc, it works smoothly.

Hi @linny yes, the reason can be firewall or proxy settings in the company’s network.