WF project with a java file to Control Tower

Hi, everyone

I have a WF project with a bot task which uses a java file.

It runs successfully.

How can I load this project to Control Tower, create a BP?
Can I code without groovy, using just java?

Hello @aoher.
Do you use RPA Express or separate WorkFusion Studio to develop your bot? In case of RPA Express, you can publish your Bot task directly from Studio using right click on the xml file:

Thank you :slight_smile:
Which URL should I use?

Could you please clarify what URL you mean? In case of RPA Express, all necessary URLs are set up during installation and you don’t need to add them manually.

Well, it’s a little strange cause I use and separate WF Studio and RPA Express and I see the same situation. Some settings may have been lost.

I’m telling you about this url path.

Okay) I realized how to publish the both.
If somebody faced with the same problem, you should just copy your CT path (the url you see in you browser, when you open Control Tower from tray).

But if my task bot uses java file? What I should to do to load java file and complete it successfully?

Do you mean that in your bot task you call some Java class or project?

Yes, I call a java class from bot task

May I ask you why you need to use this Java class in your bot? Is this some assignment in our Automation Academy? Or your own project?

Yeah, sure) It’s just an interest. I just wanna know all features and capabilities of WF

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If this is related to your Automation Academy course, I suggest you to ask your question in Automation Academy category.