What are the limitations and dependencies of WorkFusion Exection?


What are the limitations and dependencies of WorkFusion Execution?
Objects are capture according to a image path or X,y Coordination . what happen when screen size get change?
And also when we run executions on Virtual Machine with Remote desktop based , what happens when RDP is close ?
What are the other limitation and dependencies like that?


@Lasitha_Wijenayake - currently RPA Recorder uses the surface-based or coordinate based automation techniques.
It can also switch between windows by their title (or part of title) and open applications using their path.

Moreover, you can automate Excel spreadsheets using built-in Recorder actions which do not rely on surface.
Web automation can be done using the Open Website and Web Element actions. Web elements are located using XPath.

When using the image-based locators (e.g. for Mouse Click), it might happen that they will not work on computers with different screen resolution.

Now we are working on the Object Recording feature that will be more stable and will not depend on current screen resolution.


thanks for reply


@azinchuk, I am planning to run my script on a physical PC with Remote Desktop Mode. is it possible with RPA express ?


Yes, it is, see Click action cannot run when minimize VM window


Hi @azinchuk, is the object recording feature have been up now in WorkFusion RPA? Thanks