What can Control Tower do?


I am using the RPA Express 1.4 version. In this version, I only know how to schedule business processes.

Can Control tower do these below:

  • designing, running and scheduling Business Processes
  • creating Manual Tasks
  • creating and managing Users
  • creating and managing Bot Sources


Hi @abhaya_jeyar

You can create and run business processes in Control Tower and create Manual tasks in all versions of RPA express, so you can do it. Here are guides in KB:

The other two options, managing users and bot tasks, are pro features that are available in the Pro subscription of RPA Express (starting from version 2.0).

How to Publish a bot task to Control Tower? Where to find the configs folder of a project?

If you ever exported your recording to a bot task, you had to create a project for it.
When you open the Code perspective in WorkFusion Studio, the configs folder will be in the project folder on the left panel.