What is a difference between 1.0 and 2.0?

Hi, I would be grateful if you can give me info about difference between Workfusion 1.0
and Workfusion 2.0.
Workfusion 2.0 is the newest version and automatically downloaded? Or is it user’s choice which version can be downloaded?

Hi Alexandra,

WorkFusion RPA Express 2.0 is the current version and is automatically downloaded when you register for it on our website. We don’t provide older version for download.

RPA Express 1.0 was a free product that could be installed on 1 machine and came with 1 bot.

RPA express 2.0 has 2 versions:

  • free version with the same deployment capabilities as 1.0 (1 machine, 1 user, 1 bot), but with new functionality
  • Paid Pro subscription (annual) with additional enterprise features

2. 0 has this new functionality:

  • object recording and Inspector for automating desktop applications
  • the Code perspective in WorkFusion Studio - IDE to write bot tasks in groovy without using the Recorder and to debug your recordings

They are available in both, free and paid-for, versions.

Pro Subscription includes these features:

  • option to have multiple bots on one machine (server)
  • new deployment options (it is possible to install Control Tower on the server and WorkFusion Studio on several workstations that will have remote access to the server)
  • multiple users can have access to the server Control Tower (users will be able to develop the scripts on workstations and publish and run them remotely on the server on several bots)
  • option to create Bot sources
  • 10,000 OCR pages

Hope it adds some clarity.
Let me know if you still have any questions about the differences between the two versions.

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Really big thanks @ashapkina !

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Ah, one more issue…
I would like to know if one license = one user

We have two types of licenses:

The one you receive after downloading RPA Express. This one should be per user. No matter what component you want to install, you should register and receive the license you will use during installation.

The second one is the license you get after purchasing Pro subscription. This one is per deployment. It is used in the server Control Tower and multiple users can work with it from multiple workstations.

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