What is best practice for using custom java libraries in bot configs?


I was able to place a java library of my own under {tomcat_home}\webapps\workfusion\WEB-INF\lib and have the beanshell engine pick it up and use it successfully from within a bot config in the Control Tower. (Groovy engine did not work, I understand classloading works differently with that one)…

Ideally, I would like to set up my eclipse (not workfusion studio, just eclipse) so that I can develop and deploy my custom library directly to where it needs to be for the Control Tower web application to pick it up - if I did not have to restart the Control Tower every time I deploy an update, that would be fantastic.

What is best practice for developing and deploying custom java libraries to be used in bot configs? I understand I should be probably working with the maven repository… Any pointers to any relevant documentation available to me (as a RPA express free user) would be highly appreciated.

Thank you,

I read in the forum about Artifactory… Has this been implemented and is there any relevant documentation available?

Hi @rgithkopoulos it was implemented, but it works in SPA, not in RPA Express.

We don’t have best practices for using Java libraries documented. I will get back to you with a guide on this next week.

@rgithkopoulos we don’t have defined best policies for using custom libraries as it is not a common use case for RPA Express, but in this case you should create Bot task bundles and use Maven repository to add libraries.

Thank you @ashapkina,

I am fully aware I should be using the Maven repository and building bot task bundles, but unfortunately there is no relevant documentation available to me, as far as I know of. Is there?

No, there is no documentation on it for RPA Express, only for SPA (it is available for SPA customers and partners).