What is latest version of RPA Express?

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What is the latest version of RPA Express, and with Pro what is the OCR license limits per month or quarter? can you purchase additional OCR limits?

What is the starting cost for Machine learning?



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Hi @todd the latest version is 2.4.1. You can download it from the website https://www.workfusion.com/products/

Hi, I was searching for the link to download RPA Express on your websites.
But, I think RPA Express is currently unavailable.

Is that correct?


@sunitsu yes, it is correct. It is no longer available for download from our website.

It was very surprising. Our team think to buy some pro(business) licenses and check info form the web site. I found that It 's no more to sell pro version.

Thank you for your information. What should we do if we want to install IAC at this time?

Can you please explain for me about your current operation? I had experienced in working with the free version of IAC and had been informed that IAC is not remaining anymore. I also have viewed the workfusion site and nocited that its seems your company change the way of operation. It means your company will make and supply the automation solution based on the customer requests instead of giving them a free ICA which they can use to create automation solution by themselfve? Thank you so much for supporting.

What should we do if we want to buy IAC?

I guess that you only can buy Enterprise version . Our company plan to do that.

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@annguyen you can continue using the Express edition that you already have installed without any limitations, but we are not planning to release new versions and you can no longer download it from the website. We continue to support only the Enterprise edition that you can buy and use to develop your automations.

Thank you so much for your information.

Thank you for your information. Can you give me more details about how much is the Enterprise edition? How can i buy it? And is it the same as Express edition?