What is scheduler behavior when all bots are occupied?

What is the expected behavior on control tower when a business process hits its schedule date/time, but all available bots are occupied on other tasks. is the scheduled process queued for the next available bot, or is the scheduled process cancelled?

The process will start as soon as there is an available bot in this case.

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thx for the quick response!

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Just wanted to post a clarification. The process does not wait indefinitely for an available bot. If a bot is unavailable, workfusion treats that as an error condition and attempts to do a ‘repair’ on the process. It will attempt to repair the process up to the maximum number of repair attempts you have set in the process schedule definition. That is, if you’ve set the number of repair attempts to 10 (the default), it will check for an available bot ten times then suspend itself if there is still no bot available.

Given that these repair attempts happen in pretty quick succession, the exhibited behavior is for the process to suspend.

It would be beneficial if workfusion gave you the option to wait for an available bot instead of treating it as an error condition.