What is the drop down menu in the Buisness Process Just above con, run and edit link

I don’t completely understand the meaning and use of the drop down window just above the copy, run-edit link for that business process . Also I find that the control tower responds very slowly and does not show all the fields and components in different window, is there a reason for this or it is expected since it is not a licensed version (free trail). Appreciate the help.

For ex- the run window does not show the BP created and published from the RPA recorder. In some windows the control tower does not show the BP’s List.

Went through the guide as well coudn’t find the reason.

Dear arusinghyYrCXf,

Could you please check this topic https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/Control+Tower
Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

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please post screenshots and narrow down your problem.

If you see closely in the BP there is a drop down menu says completed ascending or descending. I don’t understand the meaning and the purpose of this option. Please help me understand its function in the BP.

Also, the above snap shot was from a chrome window which shows all the business process but when you click on the process to run it , the run and design tabs show a blank page, where we can see the whole process. Like so :-

Additionally , if i open the same process in internet explorer the design and run tab come properly , but the view all BP Tab doesn’t show any process and gets stuck.

Please let me know if you need more information.

Hi Philip,

I went through the guide and other steps, the query i have is not in it. Thanks for the help.

each time you run a Business Process, you create a new instance of the process. All instances are grouped under the Business Process expandable box. So if you have a few of instances, you can sort them using the dropdown menu according to the status (Started or Completed) in ascending or descending order. The order is defined by the date and time, when the instance is started or completed.

For the issue with the Design tab we need more information, so please provide the logs as described in this section
You can post the logs in archive on the forum instead of e-mailing them.