What is the Limitation on OCR?

What is the Limitation on OCR?
What do you mean 1,000 pages and 10,000 pages?

RPA Express Free lisence: 1,000 OCR pages
Prosubscription : 10,000 OCR pages

For example, When a robot read pdf documentation,it can read up to 1000Pages with one run.Is this understanding correct?

I have read the following answers.
The image capture in Mouse click actions is done without using OCR, so they are not included in the 1,000 page limit. Only the pages that you use in the OCR action itself are counted.

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Hi @satoshi, each capture region is counted as a page in OCR.
I.e., both actions below will use 1 OCR page each.

So if you have 1,000 pages per license you can have 1,000 OCR actions.

thank you for you answer.I have aditionnal question.
My question point is type of limitation. Which is correct,A or B ?

A. Max 1,000 pages OCR action / 1 “license”
→For example,I made a robot that includs 1,000 pages OCR action,After that,I can’t make a new robot includs OCR function any more.

B. MAX 1,000 pages OCR action /1 “robot”
→For example,IF I make 10 robots includ 1,000 pages OCR action each,I Can run 10,000 pages OCR action totally.

C. Else(nether A nor B)

thank you.

The A would be correct: you get 1,000 pages total for 1 license regardless of how many bots you create.

I understand. Thank you !!

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