What's the active window for Desktop?

Hi all,

Is this a bug? I’m trying to select applications on the desktop or launch the Run window using (Win+r) to execute a program.

For a while I’ve always used a window called program manager but sometimes it changes and suddenly ApplicationFrameWindow is the correct active window for selecting items or using keystrokes on the desktop main menu. Any reasons why it does this?

Hi @martina_r. As I understand, you use option “Select an open window”. You can use part of window’s title for your case. For example, I usually set “Run”.

Also please advise your operating system and RPA Express version, we’ll check from our side as well.

I’m using RPA Express 2.2.1 on a Windows 10 based remote desktop.
I do in fact use “Run” to get the correct window active, but before I can even launch the window I need, an existing active window must be present to be able to launch the Run window.

For a better example, let’s say I need to select Google Chrome:

Using a window control, I can pick up the following selector:

However, this mouse click action (just like keystroke actions), requires an active window. So far, the process can find this element under the following active window:

But as of late, this window no longer contains such a class list item. Instead, it can be found under this active window:

My specific problem is that I need keystrokes to be associated with the correct active window (whatever window is named for the Desktop) before I can do anything such as launch the Run window. In other words, I end up doing something like this: image

Some days it works when selecting Program Manager, other days it works with ApplicationFrameWindow, and it’s unpredictable when it decides to work this way.

I hope this helps with explaining my problem.

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@martina_r for clicking an icon on the desktop, the correct active window should be Program Manager, as in your post above.
Does a click on the icon fail if you switch to this window?

For Win+R and similar keystrokes, it is better to switch to Tray window

Yep, unless I want to click on the image of the icon, using its selector name fails under Program Manager. It looks like the process is flashing between selecting the Task View and Desktop windows since I’m seeing the Task View interface flashing between the Desktop.
Also, it doesn’t seem to find it using the shell tray, either.

But the the Shell Tray window works for keystrokes at least! Thanks for the suggestion.

For now, just relying on the shell tray window is satisfactory for me.

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