When will the stable version of rpa express be released?


We have been using beta version but what will be used in production?


Hi @rsultone,
RPA Express has no restriction for usage in production as-is. We are looking to move out of the beta phase (gamma?) and are working on improving our existing features as well as adding new features requested + voted on by the rpa express community. We do not have a date for this transition yet.

In the meantime, if you can provide us specifics on the stability issues you’ve been facing with the software, that would be of help to us.




It means one day RPA Express will be commercial version. :smiley:


we haven’t officially said that :necktie:


:smiley: I hope It won’t be happened :slight_smile:


Thank you for this answer. Yeah, i asked this question because there were issues i encounter with the current version and the transition to a new release version is very fast. So, i would know which version i should use for production atleast.