Where can we write database query?



Hi Team,

I need to connect excel database.
Where can we write code for connection and query? please let me know the editor with steps.



Currently we do not have a Database Connection action. Please vote for this post to raise its priority.


I am wondering if RPA Express has the function to connect to DB and insert/update/delete records to a specific table. If yes, do we have any sample of how to implement it? Thanks


@ryanyu_liuHiDW There is currently no option to connect to a database in RPA Express.


Is the only way to get data into RPA Express by Excel or S3. Is there any way to call a stored procedure to get data from SQL Server? Or, does someone have a good method to get data from SQL Server and then use that data as input variables in RPA express for a recording?


@jrhodes Currently, you cannot do it. We will provide on option to connect to databases via a plugin, tentatively in May. We are planning to add actions for database connection to recorder this summer.