Where is the Undo facility?

I worked really hard to build up a “recording” with about 40 tasks - my first real application, and it was nearly finished. But I inadvertently deleted a handful of tasks in the middle. Not finding any obvious way to undelete them, I, instead, elected to re-record the deleted snippet. But I misinterpreted the meaning of “Replace with new recording”, thinking it would replace the selected task with a new recording. But disaster, the whole recording was replaced. So now I’m missing hours of work. If there is a way to recover from this - an UNDO facility to be precise - I can’t see one? If not, there really, REALLY should be. H - E -L - P !!!

@alan - thanks for your feedback. Currently you cannot undo the actions after clicking “Replace with new recording”.

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While working with RPA recorder I accidentally hit replace with new recording instead of insert recording and lost all my work. Normally I can ctrl + z to undo accidents in the editor but I can’t use this to recover my work. Are there any alternatives to recovering my work?

Happened to me as well and I couldn’t believe that there is not even a warning screen before overwriting all your work!

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I think this will happen to everyone. Happen to me and my colleagues a couple of times. In the end we have to manually back up all of our recordings after everyone’s we made.

The two buttons are just too close to each other’s. and there is no warnings.

There is a hidden way to recover your work … you can try this till the time they come up with better ways

right click .rpae file -> use replace with local history. Use with caution though.


You cannot undo the Replace with a new recording action, but there is a warning telling that the action is irreversible, and you need to confirm it before replacing the recording.