Where is the uploaded CSV file?

Hi,How can I refer to a CSV files uploaded when I created a business process or schedule with Control Tower?
I would like to confirm or delete that data.

Hi @kaori, do you mean the input data .csv files?

Thanks @ashapkina
Yes,It means input data.

I uploaded Input data to input to the variable of Bot task.
I did it when I created Business Process or Schedule.

Can I delete this uploaded data?
Also, I want to know how to manage that data.




If you already saved the schedule, you cannot delete or change the data.
In this case, you can copy the schedule, edit the copy (delete or replace the input data there), save it and delete the original.

So if you need to run the same process several times with different data, you should create a separate schedule for each run and upload different data.

To see the input data that was used in the business process, you can use the option Download original data.

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@ashapkina thank you.
I understood that I can not delete or change input data from saved buisiness process or schedule.
This is the way I wanted to know.:blush:

Are the following answers correct?
When deleting created business process or schedule, input data is also deleted.

When you delete a schedule, the data is kept in the business process instance that was started by this schedule (you can see the data file in the Run tab).

When you delete a business process, the data is deleted, too.

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I understand. Thank you for your perfect explanation.:heart_eyes:

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