While loop does not stop



I am trying to loop through a excel and using the condition as “variable not empty”.I have data in first three rows of excel. The loop is working fine but it never gets out of the while condition.My guess is on the 4th iteration ,once it reaches the blank cell,it should come out of loop.

But it continue to loop after the three rows.

For Each Loop does not stop

hi @sampad_das_PwC2, this happens because an empty excel cell contains a non-printable line break symbol - not an empty string.

You can use the following regexp to handle this situation:


Our sample script has the following construction:


is there any plan to fix this in the next release? it is very irritating…


Yes, we will introduce Text manipulation actions and one of these actions will be Trimming


I have the same problem and tried to use this fix, but the while loop still continues to run.

Any suggestions? Due to this bug I can’t submit challenge #3


Does the sample recording “Fill Company Websites” play successfully on your pc?


Where do I find the sample file? Can’t see any samples in my RPA Xpress folder




Thx, that worked. Loop now stops when it’s supposed to.


will update later…


I may have deleted the example recording. Where else could I find it? Bot not stopping at empty cell.


Hi @bmaloney,

here are example recordings RpaeExamples.zip (668.0 KB)