While loop search text and stop

I am doing assignment 3 on new course Building Bots on RPA express.

The assignment is to search for #EverydayAI and then take that tweet using OCR. I thought to use while loop scroll 4 lines and ctrl +F the hashtag.

I am not able to achieve the objective. How do I stop the while loop then look for that particular place in OCR to get the tweet. Can someone please help?

Hi @hassanmurad use Wait for image action to look for #EverydayAI and put the result in a boolean variable. Use this variable as an indicator on the While loop.


I am still not able to run it successfully.

Can you help?

@hassanmurad you need to put the result of the action on the last screenshot in the “image_found” variable again.
You may also need to set a bigger timeout for the Wait for image action.