White paper on how automation works with Workfusion


I have a client who wants to do a project that will involve getting data from a third party system they deal with. They have asked permission to access this system with a bot and the client (who is somewhat behind the times!) has been asking a large number of quite simple questions that are consuming a lot of time to answer.

Can anybody point me to a basic White Paper that explains the principles of automation in a moderately technical way while also being accessible to the business function? Latest example of questions back are:

  • What functionality does the system have (sigh!)
  • Does it do data mining or analytics (double sigh!)
  • Are there new data stores
  • …etc

Any help I can get with this would be greatly appreciated. Of course the right answer is a face-to-face but that is not on offer yet.


Hi Owen, no sure we have something like that.

Try this whitepaper https://www.workfusion.com/download-quick-start-guide/

Also,you can probably use the demos https://www.workfusion.com/demos-videos/

They are mainly based on the Enterprise version of the tool, but the RPA capabilities are available in the other versions, too.