Why does import package for assignment two is not create like subprocess and create bot?

Why does import package for assignment two is not create like subprcess and create bot?

Can you explain your problem again?

Hello @andranik_khachatryan

If I understood you correctly, you mean OCR bot
Again, if I’m not mistaken, OCR procedure was improved in newer versions of WF and now it is a single “bot”, not a sub-process. So I suppose, answer for your question - it is because OCR procedure was changed in newer versions while assignment/kb contains old screenshot.

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And how i can try to finsh if i add zip it will create ocr bot task not sub process how can i change it to subprocess to finish it successfully because it brings unexplainable errors @roman_kelemen

and for that case what i must do to finish assignment

Your assignment if I’m not mistaken is just to import package and run process.

Obviously, instead of “SubProcess ‘WF OCR Subprocess’ - open it and realize the steps.” you can open bot task itself and realize what is trying to do. However it is not necessary at this point, OCR will be introduced in details in further course.

Regarding mistakes there is no “unexplainable” ones. If such occured, please list it here so that others could help

Other people don’t answer question There is no WF subprocess @roman_kelemen @YShilyaev_Workfusion

Hi @andranik_khachatryan

What kind of sub-process you mean?
All current Power User Level 1 course conduct using RPA Express, there you should upload provided packages.