Win + R key is not running inside loop after the first run

Win + R key is not running inside the loop after the first run. This issue only with some PC. There is any PC specification or requirements to work Win + R key in RPA?

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Hi @albin
Just checked on my side and everything works as expected inside “For each” loop:

Could you please share your script and clarify what version of Intelligent Automation Cloud are you using?

@albin try switching to the Shell Tray window before pressing Win + R.

Here is our script. Version is 2.4.0


how it do ?

Use the Window action before pressing Win+R. On the list of available windows, there should be the ShellTray window


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Hi ashapkina, Still it’s not working. Can you please advise ?

Do you get an error when running the script?

Yes. now it show below error.

The actions that switch to the windows are disabled in your script. Dp you get an error when you enable them?

No . we have no error. when enable the script.but it’s not running in loop. When we try in another laptop still it’s not working . There is any configuration that we want to set ?.

Try switching to the Run window before typing there as shown below

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