Win7_Win10_Screenshot example fails to run

I’m trying to run the example “Win7_Win10_Screenshot”. It fails at step 1.

Under control of the bot, when the browser starts it tries to load “about:blank&utm_content=firstrun” before going to AccuWeather, so the bot objects. Clearly I’m trying to learn how to use the system so I’ve got no idea how to either stop the browser from this action or get the bot to ignore it. Please advise.


Hi, @alan
That should not be a problem.
Try to increase Website load timeout
Window -> Preferences

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I doubled the parameter indicated but it still didn’t work. The first page that tries to load is “about:blank&utm_content=firstrun”, which results in the error “The URL is not valid and cannot be loaded.”. The Accuweather page then loads.
This looks like an issue with the FireFox browser that’s being called. I can’t find a way to change this setting in Firefox …

It should not be a problem, but try to select IE, for example