Window action closing open window

Hi team,

I’ve noticed occasionally a “Window” action will actually close the window it’s supposed to be switching to. I’ve only seen this with scripts running in studio, have yet to see this issue occur in control tower. Anyone else experiencing this?


Hi. Actually, I have never faced this issue.
Could you please clarify your RPA Express version?

Version 2.3.0

Could you please share an example or steps to reproduce? Thanks

It happens very randomly with a Window action when the specific window is already open. The Window action closes the open window instead of focusing on it. Again, very randomly does this happen.

So if you face this issue too often, we’ll try to investigate it. But I’ve never seen it before.
For now, you can try to use window action twice maybe or add wait action.

Also, you can try to use exception handling. So if it doesn’t open, you use window action once again.

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