Window action does not switch window when on browser


I have done some tests and have noticed that when I launch a process with window switch, from RPA express it works correctly. However if i’m on a browser (which I am when i’m launching from control tower) the variable that indicates windows was found is updated but the window is not switched to. Done some tests with Edge and chrome.

Can you test it and confirm? I believe its a major bug if its like this.

Also read some forum posts about switching not working from browser to app. Guess the other way around also it does not work.


@Remie9 can you share a sample workflow where you get this issue?

Its in my main codes. I will try to provide a separate code but this only an info for the developers to correct the issue. But I used Win+D to bypass issue.

Just need to create a “Window” and make it switch to any open window and launch it from MS Edge or Chrome from Control Tower, it should work…I mean it will not work.

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@Remie9 I’ve double-checked on a simple process: the bot switches to a Notepad window and types some text there, and it works correctly both from the Studio and from Control Tower (Chrome).
Could you please make a sample bot task that will reproduce this issue so we’will be able to investigate, because we are not able to reproduce from our side yet?

I will test with new version.

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Thank you @Remie9. Let me know if the issue still persists.

Installed the new version. Will be testing…

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Hi @Remie9 did this issue disappear after updating to a new version?

Installed the new version. Haven not tested it yet…a bit hectic here, sorry. Will let you know once I can test it.

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