Window not found when connecting multiple recordings via Control Tower


I have a business process that reads error message emails from an outlook mailbox and forwards the emails if the message can be mapped to a known destination. If the destination is not known, the process will trigger a manual task. The output of the manual task is then used to update a mapping:

I use the Window action to look for the opened email and save the result to a variable. A while loop is conditioned on this variable:

The Read Email and Update Mapping steps both use the above Window/While loop combination. Everything works as expected until the Update Mapping step. When it gets to this step, the email is opened, but the Window action does not find the opened email and the while loop does not start. I have also tried clicking on the image of the opened email, but again at this step it does not find the image of the open email.

This ONLY happens when all of the steps are linked together in the Control Tower. When run individually from the recorder, everything works as expected. When run individually from the Control Tower, everything works as expected. The Read Email step always works as expected using the same actions, even when triggered from the Update Mapping step.

Note: I am using RPA Express 1.1.5.

@kyle_peterson can you create a video of the execution and post your recording folder here?

Hey Sasha,

See attached for the video and recording folders.The error occurs at 1:58 in the video when the email is opened, but the contents are not selected and the process continues to the next step.

RPA (8.4 MB)



maybe you need to add a timeout interval, for example 5 seconds?