Windows Update, RPA Express Update

Hi, team.

I don’t know how to decide that RPA Express works normally
after Windows Update (or RPA Express Update).

Could you give me if you have verification procedure?


Hi @ke_fukuyamaRiG there is no set up verification process, but it will be a good idea to:

  • run Installation Integration Testing10 to make sure the components work correctly

  • run samples recordings in WorkFusion Studio (available on Welcome page). But pay attention to the comments in the recordings before you run them for the first time - you might need to need to change some details so they will work on your pc.

Hope it helps!

Thank you for reply.
What does the “Testing10” refer to?

@ke_fukuyamaRiG there should be a sample business process in your Control Tower called “Installation Integration Testing10” that checks the work of RPA Express components.

If for some reason it is absent from the Control Tower, you can import it to Control Tower from folder C:\Users\username\ControlTower\Samples (Health+Check+BP).