Work Space And OCR with Not started status

Hi, I am new to RPA. I have successfully installed RPA express and in the control menu the Workspace and OCR are displaying with Not Started status.

Can any one help me.


You just need to click on play icons in order to start the Control Tower and OCR engine.



Thanks a lot vitaly_pustoZi. I have started OCR successfully but Still seeing the status of workspace as Starting… . I will retry that. Thanks

In the RPA express training videos, after opening work fusion studio I am seeing the action libraries but in my case I am seeing WorkFusion Project Navigator. Could you help me to know how can I access the action library.

You need to change the perspective by clicking here:


As for the Control Tower/Workspace you need to give it some time before they are started completely


Thanks again. I am able to open the action library now.

Would you suggest me any tutorial or RPA express documentation from where I can learn it quickly. Actually I am looking for the automation of Mainframe screen and to do I have started learning RPA express.

Enroll the RPA Express: Introduction and Getting Started course
You can do it here:

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same for me. New to Workfusion and while OCR starts Workspace does not. I try but it stays like this.

Hi @m_schoebrgqDwb perhaps, there is not enough free RAM available.
Could you share your computer’s system properties?

Hi ashapkina, 16 GB Ram on a Windows 7 machine. Capture

@m_schoebrgqDwb when you click on the start icon, does the statues change to Starting, and then back to Not started?

Yes it does, but only for the Workspace. OCR starts as expected.

@m_schoebrgqDwb did it stop launching after update to a newer version? It so, which version do you have now and which did you have previously?
Also, check the amount of free RAM in the Task Manager before starting Control Tower, and send logs from %INSTALL_DIR%*\Workfusion\tomcat\logs to investigate.

Thank you.

Exactly I had only 1.5 GB and it did not work.
When I had 2.25 GB it started to work again.

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