Workfusion 2.0.1 - Removes spaces in string on RDC

It is failing with Windows 7 Enterprise service pack 1. (Local computer)

I succeeds with Windows 10. (Local computer)

Please note for both of the tests above we connected to different Desktops, so it could be related to remote OS instead of local OS.

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@ashapkina: Information update:
Migrated my workflows to other local machines & connected to the same remote desktop, it works in a few systems & fails in some.

@rgithkopoulos: Thanks for providing the direction to identify the issue. However, I suggest we need to execute the workflows in additional scenarios to land up to a conclusion.

Further, post-exhaustive testing, please find the results below :-

It works fine with following combination:
Local - Windows 10 Pro - 1803 - 17134
Remote - Windows 10 Pro - 1709 - 16299

But fails:
Local - Windows 10 Pro - 1709 - 16299
Remote - Windows 10 Pro - 1803 - 17134

Here is a workaround you might want to test. Copy the text to clipboard on the local machine and on the remote side just automate the paste procedure (right click + paste)… A colleague of mine says he tried this and it worked…

If this is the case, then the problem should be with the sendKeys method that the recorder uses for the send keystrokes action… I will be testing this myself soon…


Hi, do you have any news ?

Not yet, we are investigating the issue right now.

@rgithkopoulos @spectator @dimitriuZHkTsR

Is your remote desktop or a virtual machine or a Windows remote desktop?

RDP to a physical machine from physical machine and also tested to VM.

Mine is a windows remote desktop. As of now, had to move to Windows 10 to complete rdc procedure (our customer was not happy…)

@ashapkina, did you manage to reproduce the error?

We did, but only when connecting to a virtual machine, not on a Windows desktop yet.

And it worked or you had the same error?

When connecting to a virtual machine, the keystrokes didn’t work (only the workaround with the right-click provided by @rgithkopoulos).
On the Windows RDC, everything has worked so far. The issue with it is likely related to a specific OS version as discussed in the posts above, we haven’t found a definite reason yet. Our team continues to test it.

@ashapkina : It is a windows 10 pro - based remote desktop.

I can confirm update 1803 fixes the issue on Windows 10.

The test on a fresh installation of Windows 10 (build 16299) failed.

Then windows downloaded update 1803 and was subsequently updated to build number 17134. Once this was done, the same test succeeded, using the same remote desktop window, to the same remote desktop, with the same recording.

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Thanks a lot for the update @rgithkopoulos

@rgithkopoulos - Thanks for confirming. Our execution results are pretty much aligned (Refer to the results I shared above). I hope this helps workfusion team to resolve the issue.
Further, @ashapkina - Is there any update on the resolution? For the time being I am deploying the solutions in 1803 systems.

There is no update yet.
The development team are working on it, but there is no defined time of resolution.

@spectator @rgithkopoulos @dimitriuZHkTsR we are expecting a fix for this issue in August. No guarantees yet, but we are going to focus on it.

@ashapkina : Thanks for notifying. Well done workfusion team!

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Hi @spectator @dimitriuZHkTsR @rgithkopoulos

This issue has been fixed in new RPA Express 2.1.0.