WorkFusion 7.5 Announcement

WorkFusion 7.5 is hot off the presses, delivering even more robust capabilities for business process automation.

Check out the full release guide on WorkFusion 7.5 for full details, including videos demonstrating some of the new features. Here’s a quick summary:

WorkFusion 7.5 introduces a new capability called Worker Fitness, which applies the machine learning framework to worker performance. This release also delivers further enhancements for user experience, collaboration, configuration, security and administration. These additions make WorkFusion 7.5 the most feature-rich and robust automation platform available.

Highlights of this release:

Worker Fitness – Maximize the quality of human work at the lowest possible cost by applying machine learning to worker performance. WorkFusion 7.5 will apply algorithms to the statistics already being gathered on your workforce to make decisions on which task results need further human checking. You set the acceptable quality limits and Worker Fitness does the rest.

Task Assignment – Improve efficiency and distribute workload by assigning human tasks to specific team members. Tasks can be assigned and reassigned as needed and workers will see tasks assigned to them on their WorkSpace Dashboard.

Real-time Task Notification – Instantly be notified of the availability of new tasks even if the WorkSpace application is in the background. WorkFusion 7.5 will alert workers so they don’t have to constantly refresh their WorkSpace to check for new tasks.

Support for Rules in Collaborative Editing – Further speed up development by allowing multiple users to edit decision rules in a business process at the same time. WorkFusion 7.5 will manage collaboration, display changes made by other users, and prompt for conflict resolution if needed.

Advanced Business Process Scheduling – Handle complex scheduling requirements for business process execution through an intuitive user interface. WorkFusion 7.5 supports the creation of multiple scheduling conditions within a single schedule configuration, and even allows the use of advanced Cron expressions if desired.

Data Purge – Enforce retention policies and ensure the deletion of sensitive data from the WorkFusion Server by configuring Data Purge. This background job will remove all input data, result data and snapshots of tasks and business processes based on configurable settings.

Proactive Environment Monitoring – For our on-premise customers, WorkFusion 7.5 will keep tabs on the health of WorkFusion systems and predictively raise alerts before problems actually happen. Forecasting metrics, trend analysis and anomaly detection are applied to the day-to-day operation of WorkFusion components and infrastructure to ensure a healthy environment.

In addition, WorkFusion 7.5 offers a more robust audit log, significant infrastructure improvements to scale Robotic Process Automation deployment for high-volume demand and high-availability, and better developer tools like syntax highlighting in the WorkFusion Development Environment and improved error handling and troubleshooting utilities.

Finally, we’d like to introduce the availability of the WorkFusion Forum, our new online discussion board for community collaboration. Please feel free to exchange ideas, solutions, tips/techniques and information with other members, including WorkFusion customers, partners and employees.

Together we can build a strong sense of community and help each other mature our collective use of the WorkFusion platform.

thank you from the entire WorkFusion product team for your feedback.