Workfusion Express 1.16 Cannot load recording file


I am facing this error message saying Cannot load recording file.
Previously I can play but suddenly stops working. I tried the sample projects and so far it works.


Hello @rene_naidas,

Could you please post your recordings here? It will be very helpful for the investigation.
Thanks in advance!

Best regards,
Darya Novikova
WorkFusion Service Desk

#3 (17.0 KB)

I tried reinstalling it again but similar message.


This file is opening in RPAx 1.1.6 without problems:

Actually, your recording is a little bit unusual: You are trying to open excel sheet using Open Spreadsheet action, then using Launch Application, Then using Open Spreadsheet without defining the filepath.


Even opening the excel file only will not work. I tried disabling the rest and checked only the open spreadsheet but the same error message. I also tried creating a new recording with just opening a browser or excel but the same error.