WorkFusion Forum Guidelines


Before Creating a New Topic or Post

  1. Search for an answer in WorkFusion knowledge base by typing keywords into the top right search field, for example:
    RPA Express knowledge base is open to everyone without registration or login.
    SPA knowledge base is open to SPA customers and WorkFusion partners.

  2. If you didn’t find an answer in the knowledge base, search for it on the Forum – maybe, someone already had the same question and the answer already exists:

  3. If nothing has been found, proceed by creating a new Topic on the Forum.

Note: If your question is more related to general programming rather than WorkFusion tools, try to search for answers in:

How to Ask a Good Question (Create Topic)

  1. Write a meaningful, self-descriptive, and succinct topic name.
    More details here:
    Good: How to Save XLS file to datastore using Apache POI?
    Bad: Problem with datastores

  2. One topic should contain one question or a couple of questions about the same WF module.
    Do not create topics with a lot of questions that are not connected with each other

  3. Select an appropriate category and tags for your topic – this will help people find a relevant topic while searching.
    In most cases you will need the “Ask a Question” category, but if you want to share your experience and/or a working code example – choose the “Tips and Tricks” category. If you have ideas on how to improve the WorkFusion products, choose the “Ideas” category or add “feature-request” tag to your question.

  4. Avoid the XY problem.
    The XY problem is asking about your attempted solution rather than your actual problem.
    That is, you are trying to solve problem X, and you think solution Y would work, but instead of asking about X when you run into trouble, you ask about Y.
    To avoid falling into this trap, always include information about a broader picture along with any attempted solution.

  5. Provide all details and context that can help reproduce your problem – step by step (like in a bug description). It is useful to include the following info:

  • Platform version
  • Operating system and Hardware
  1. Provide example of your code that is not working or has issues and include screenshots if needed. The example should be minimal but meaningful. The code should be formatted:
  • paste all the code. The preview will not display the config tag.
  • select all the pasted code
  • click the Preformatted text icon (CTRL+ SHIFT + C)

Other Rules

  1. Most of the new topics and posts are going through the approval process by Moderators. When you post something, the following message could be displayed:

    Do not try to create the same topic/post again – just wait for the approval.
    For experienced and active users who constantly follow the Forum rules, we will add an ability to create topics without approval.

  2. When you’ve received a response, please write if it helped or not and why. Your feedback is important for us.


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