WorkFusion integrate with Navision System


Dear all, just to ask is there any ways to automate the Navision Report Generation using WorkFusion RPA?
For example, RPA able to automate click certain reports in Navision system and save the report in desktop PC.

Currently I only found RPA able to integrate with websites using web element feature by input XPath but is there any similar features exists in Navision System too?

Or the only way for RPA to click on report based on the screenshot image position ?




Currently in RPA Express, you can automate desktop apps using coordinates, images (surface-based), and hotkeys. We are planning to add the object recording feature in 2018 Q1.

But you can use the SPA product which allows automating desktop apps in a reliable way. See

or contact


Thanks for replied @azinchuk. I tried to use coordinates features to make bot click on the location i want. However when I set as below:

X = 0; Y =0, the cursor will go to the top left of screen;
X= 100; Y = 0, the cursor will go down a bit and towards right a bit.
X = 100; Y = 100, it still same as case [X = 100; Y =0]

It seems that Y coordinates is not working in any situations. Is there any issues on corrdinates features now?