WorkFusion Nginx Service set to "manual" but will not start

The WorkFusion Nginx Service (Windows 10) will not start. It’s set to “manual” startup type, but when you try to manually start, you get “automatically stopped since not in use”. I believe this is the service for Control Tower which does not start. How do you set this service to “Active”?

Hi Michael, you don’t need to start the service. Control Tower should be only started from the tray menu.


Does it not work when you start it from the menu?

Hi … No, it will not start from system tray, it just stays on “checking status” and when you check the service, it is “stopped”. It is reported as a “major incident” on the Platform Monitor dashboard.

It started once yesterday … I was trying to get it to start all day and not sure what happened. Also, it takes RPA Express at least 10 minutes to come up … OCR can be set to “running” and I can run Recorder, but Recorder slow. I have 8G of memory on a windows 10 machine. Is that not enough?

Hi … this is strange … I got the Control Tower to start … I think that there might have been too much disk usage when my system comes up and I needed to wait longer … when the system tray says “checking status”, does RPA Express just keeping checking automatically until it connects? That appears to be what happened … thanks …

Yes, Checking Status indicates it is checking if Control Tower has started, then it should change to Running.

We recommend to have at least 8GB of free RAM to be able to use all RPA Express components (Recorder, Control Tower, OCR). If you have little free RAM or disk space, then it might take longer for the components to start and they can work slower, especially if used together. Control Tower particularly uses a lot of RAM, so it can take a long time to launch.