Workfusion opening issue

i am clicking on the icon it is showing that it is loading,but the workfuison is not opening.
i am attaching the video for your reference.Please look in to this. (3.6 MB)

Hi @sonali_parida

Please send this info to investigate:

Thank you

Hi @ashapkina ,
I am attaching the details you asked for.
model WorkFusion_RPA_Express_20181119094806.log (37.9 KB) (3.2 MB)

Thank You.

@sonali_parida Check if you have any java processes in the Task Manager. If you do, kill them and restart your pc. After that, strat RPA Express.

Let me know if it doesn’t work.

Hi @ashapkina I’ve done that already and it is not working.

@sonali_parida I forwarded this issue to our support team. They’ll contact you shortly.

Okay. Thank you @ashapkina

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Dear @ashapkina ,
Thank you for your help and your suggestion. Now workfusion works fine. I really hope this problem will not arise again thanks to Valeria and Igor too. Please relay my gratitude to the support team.

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I’m happy we were able to help.:slightly_smiling_face:
I’ll forward your words to Valeria and Igor.

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