Workfusion query regarding Excel

Hi @praveenkumar.m
You can use two approached to it:

  • open the file using mouse click or launch application and type the formula to calculate the sum in the cell like you would do manually (using Mouse clicks and Keystrokes)

  • using built-in Excel actions (get the values of the 3 cells, calculate the sum, and paste it in the forth cell).
    Note: cell value is saved as string in recorder variables, so you will need to convert them to numbers to calculate the sum, and back to string to insert the value back in Excel.

The first approach seems simpler in this case.

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Hi ashapkina ,
Thanks for your information, now i am able to automate one row successfully . but when coming to runtime how to add multiple rows at a time . Screenshot provided kindly provide information as soon as possible.


@praveenkumar.m which approach did you use, clicks on window controls or excel actions?

I have used Excel actions .
Screenshot provided

In this case you can read the data from the Excel file to a table variable, set the active cell to D1, and do the same actions for each row in the table (starting from the 2nd one) using For Each loop and paste the result to a cell below

in the loop, instead of String variables you used above, you will need to use values from the Row variable. You can access them individually using index as shown below.

Here is also a training video on using variables and loops that can be helpful:

Hi ashapkina,
Thanks for your valuable information . Now i am able to Sum all the rows at Run time successfully , but for some cases that is values in format (15,000.00) displays incorrect sum . Screenshot attached & clarification required .

@praveenkumar.m try using another format in the NumberFormat actions

Thank you ashapkina

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Hi Ashapkina ,
Thanks for your continuous support .Now i need to filter data which is repetitive , where your help is required to solve the below problem i.e screenshot provided

@praveenkumar.m what exactly do you need to do? please provide more details

By using workfusion i want to automate the above sent screenshot scenario. for example :-There are two axis bank & two indus bank customers as shown , i have to automate in such a way that one axis bank customer should " Add " all related axis bank customers details in single row .vice-versa for all customers. kindly do needful


Hi ashapkina,
kindly Ignore above sent query &Consider this.

In a folder there are 50 different pdf files are stored & assume that these 50 pdf files are in 5 different pdf formats .Now can we able to fetch data using PDF format wise into Excel using workfusion ? kindly reply as soon as possible.


@praveenkumar.m there are a lot of topic on extracting data from pdf file on the forum. Hope they will be helpful

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Hi asapkina,

Thanks for providing valuable links .

I came to know that " To automate Invoices with different formats , SPA tool is used " .

I need to know about SPA ( Smart process automation ):-

  1. Is there any Trial license to use SPA tool ?
  2. For License , we want to know the Cost of SPA tool ?

SPA uses machine learning to process invoices of different formats. It makes sense to use it if you have large amounts of documents with unstructured data.

Please fill in the contact form on this page and one of our representatives will contact you with details.

Hi ashapkina ,
Kindly provide the " logic & which condition need to be applied " to solve the problem i.e explained in screenshot provided .


hi every one,any one can tell me how to past column data into another excel sheet row wise(i want to print one column data into one row)

Hi @Jitendriya so you need to copy a column from one Excel sheet and then paste it in another Excel sheet as a row?

yes, already i get the column data by using get column action that data i want to print into another excel sheet as a row.

You can either use For Each loop and paste each values from the list (column) in a cell to the right.
Or you can append the list to an empty table as a row and insert in Excel using Set Range.