Workfusion Recorder Fails to start


After a PC restart workfusion studio is unable to publish recordings to Control Tower and also Play Recordins.

The error message for “Publish To Control Tower” is:
An internal error occurred during: “Export Existing Recorder Script”.
Unable to access secure storage

And the error message for “Play Recording is”:

Caused by: Unable to access secure storage

Hi @adimitriou, check your server profile. Perhaps, some information was deleted from it

I’m getting this error

Please send these logs:

  • C:\RPAExpress\Studio\logs
  • C:\Users%user_name%%workspace_name%.metadata\

And additional info:

  • the version od RPA Express you use
  • Windows version
  • any specific actions before pc restart

Also, do you open RPA Express under the same user as you installed it and use the same workspace?


Right now I’m locked out (again) and I’m not able to send the logs. I’ll do it tomorrow morning.
Regarding the rest information:
RPA Express version 2.0.1
Windows 7 Enterprise

-Windows user changed Password

-After reading the new troubleshooting article “Recording is not playing”
I uncheck option “Windows Integrated (64 bit)” as proposed (just to try it and then pressed change password but I wasn’t prompt to enter a new one. And also after that I logged off and now I’m locked out from the PC.
Is there a standard password used?

Logs send.

Thank you @adimitriou
We’ll have a look.

@adimitriou we haven’t seen this error before, and . Try to

  • uninstall RPAx
  • delete folder C:\Users%USER_NAME%.eclipse
  • install new RPA Express version
  • open the server profile and check if a new server profile has been created.

Let me know how it goes.

@ashapkina I started RPA Express with another user and configured the Default profile again.
This works for the moment.

Thank you for your help.

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