Workfusion RPA Express - Filter Operations in Excel

I am using an Excel sheet in which I want to filter records based on a column value. For example consider the below dataset:


In this dataset I want to perform below operations:

  1. Filter with First Member ID
  2. Filter with Sprint Brand Name
  3. Filter with State

Additionally, these filter needs to be combined with AND/OR conditions. Is this possible to do with Workfusion RPA Express ?

Please let me know, if additional details are required, I would be more than glad to help.

Hi Atul,

At present, we don’t have built-in functionality to use filters in Excel actions, but you can apply filter by using Excel shortcuts in keystrokes action if you open the excel file via Launch Application or by mouse click rather than via Open spreadsheet.
Also, could you write more about how you want to use the filters in combination with and/or condition.

Thank you.

you can use for loops and if statements to filter out the info if you required until native excel solutions are available

Won’t this introduce static filter in the Recording ? I need to work towards a more dynamic filters. Example, Filtering on the basis of employee salary range.

I tried using it but faced an issue. Whenever I am trying to match a particular inside a loop only the match cell is returned. I have tried using ‘Get Row’ in the excel options but that does not return the complete row on match.