Workfusion RPA Express only supports Windows?

It looks like I can only get windows installer for workfusion RPAExpress. I am wondering if workfusion RPA only support windows platform? what about SPA and Chatbot? (Are they also windows platform only)

Hi Ryan,
Yes, we only support Windows now. What platform would you like to install RPA Express on, Mac OS?

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That means that RPA express right now only work on windows platform, it doesn’t support linux and mainframe yet. Is there any plan to support those platform?

@ryanyu_liuHiDW We might add support for other platforms in the future, but there is no timeframe yet.
We have a voting topic for Linux support: Install on Linux. You can for it there to help us prioritize.


Can workfusion RPA Express be installed on MAC OS or it only windows?


It can only be installed on Windows, but you can use it on Mac with VirtualBox or Parallels as long as you have at least 8 GB of free RAM for it.

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Is it compatible with Linux Ubuntu or Mac?

Please see the thread above.


One question, is there a voting open for Mac OS?


Hi Mario, we don’t currently plan to develop installer for Mac.
A lot of our users use Parallels, and wrote that it works pretty well with RPA Express.

I thought support for Mainframes is added in the RPA Express…I have been searching information about it since long time. But alas, I am disappointed…My client would never want Workfusion now…if there is no mainframe support…

@bhavesh_agarVs there are no special actions for mainframe, but you can still automate it using keystrokes and mouse click actions.

Yes @ashapkina, but that is inefficient…I cannot extract text from the mainframe screen to decide which flow to proceed with…I tried OCR but it is not helping…Kindly let me know if you have any documentation on Terminal Emulator setup for Workfusion…or something which can help me in this task…I have a task to perform a feasibility on RPA Express and present to our stake holders so they can decide if we wish to continue with Workfusion or not… Any help would be appreciated…