Workfusion Rpa Express Pro Workstation crashes in server after not using for few ideal hours

I have installed Rpa Express Pro( Workstation & Rpa Express) in server and installed the Rpa Express in my system and connecting the workstation through server base url.

After some hours of time, the workstation hangs and had to be restarted often.

Please let me know the reason for the issue and the solution to which can be resolved and avoid permanently. Thanks in Advance.:slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Aravindhan,

Does WorkFusion Studio hang so you need to close and reopen it? Or do you need to restart RPA Express altogether?


RPA Express itself hangs and need to be restarted. Don’t know the problem behind it.

Hi @aravindhan_mr wha components do you have installed on the server (Application Server and Workstation or only Application Server)? How does it hang - does Control tower stop opening, do business processes stop or does the Studio crash?

Also, please share what server you use and its system details.

Please also send logs from %INSTALL_DIR%\RPA\wfagent\logs

Thank you

Hi @aravindhan_mr if you still have this issue, please share the system details of the server and the wfagent logs.